YOUTHCANLEAD is a series of youth rally events that exists to inspire, equip, and empower teenagers and young adults to change the world by making right choices and choosing to live a life with purpose.

YOUTHCANLEAD was originally launched as an independent not-for-profit organization, founded with the vision to motivate and train youth and young adults who want to make a positive impact on their world. Today, YOUTHCANLEAD is now a subsidiary ministry of The Church. Our founder Jimn Kyles was born and raised in the Southeast region of Texas; he and his family have determined to give their lives to serving and pastoring.

The world is full of needs. Nations are filled with hurting people. Communities are constantly faced with a lack of leadership. With all these needs and hurts comes opportunity… the chance for leaders to step up and initiate campaigns that will bring healing to countries, regions, communities, and families. There are many individuals that care very much to make a difference. Some of these individuals are successful in doing that, while many others are not. We think of some of the success stories such as Abraham Lincoln, Mother Theresa, Winston Churchill, Martin Luther King, Charles Finney, and Billy Graham, just to name a few. These figures inspire us.

There is yet another segment of the population often overlooked. This demographic is filled with individuals wanting to make a positive difference in the world. This group often wants to be a part of ushering in revolutionary change. However, these citizens often fail in their desires to change the world. Why? There are two main reasons. The first is simple: these individuals are often told they must wait. Why are they told this? Because they are supposedly “too young.”

Many adults often tell teenagers and young adults that they must wait until they are older before they can make any difference in the world. We disagree! We believe youth can make a difference today. We believe youth can change the world. We believe YOUTH CAN LEAD!

The second reason many teenagers don’t make a difference is a lack of resources. This is one of the driving forces behind YOUTHCANLEAD. Our desire is to be a resource to young people so that they can change the world. If you are young and you have a dream to make a difference, we want to help. Maybe you want to start a campus club in your high school or want to launch some community service project to serve your neighborhood or want to lead a local campaign that’ll benefit an underprivileged group of people or start a non-profit organization, whatever your dream is we want to help make it a reality.

YOUTHCANLEAD exists to inspire, equip, and empower young people to change the world. We will do whatever it takes to inspire and motivate young people to dream big dreams and we will work hard to equip young people with the resources they need to chase those dreams.

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